Monday, April 16, 2012

Bike & Friend :)

Since I got my new job I've been on the hunt for a new bike. The hospital is less than a mile from our apartment and we can see it clearly from our living room window so there is no excuse to drive, especially since it's starting to warm up (uhhh, except it snowed Saturday night, whaaa?!)! Also, my sweet little Jetta is probably on its last leg and I'm just not ready to buy a new one yet. :( With my work, Collin's work, and the grocery store (and liquor store!) all within a 1 mile of our place I really don't need a car, I need a bike.

I planned to get a cruiser/commuter style bike complete with a basket on the front and one on the back. I narrowed it down to three bikes that I wanted to test drive and according to the local bike shop website they had exactly what I wanted. Of course, when I got there I realized that they didn't "keep up" with their website and didn't even have one bike that I wanted to try. A truck load of new inventory was scheduled to come in but they didn't know exactly what was on it but I should check back the next week. I did and, go figure, they didn't get anything I was interested in.

After a couple more weeks, I wanted to look again. Collin thought that I should think about getting a mountain bike instead since I'd be able to use it for more than just going back and forth to work. We decided to try REI. The sales guy (who looked very out of place as an REI employee, ie. middle aged guy who really wished he worked at a Harley shop) pointed me to one bike: a turquoise "mountain bike" with a white seat, white handle bars, and silver graphics. I wanted to tell him I had a cooler bike as a kid but instead I asked him if there were any other options..."nope." Ooooookay then, buh bye. Next stop, try the local bike shop again since I'd only been there to look for cruisers. Welp, I found just what I was looking for, the Trek Wahoo mountain bike.

They had to build the bike in my size frame and it was finally ready today!

How I think I'll look on my bike...

How I'll actually look...

I haven't used it yet as I've only had it a few hours but I hope that it warms up so that I can at least ride it to work on Friday! I'm excited! Now Collin needs to get one too!

I also had my first non-family visiter this weekend!! My friend Sarah from college was interviewing for a new job in Denver and stayed with me Saturday and Sunday night until the interview on Monday. Unfortunately, I had to work Saturday night but I left the key and some wine and saw her in the morning! I made a big breakfast and mimosas for us and we caught up on each other's lives for a few hours. When we sat down to watch some TV my 12 hour night shift caught up with me and I had to sleep. Sarah drove through Garden of the Gods while I got a few hours of sleep with my new sleep mask! After I woke up and showered we watched a movie and waited for Collin to get home so that we could go to dinner. We went to one of our favorite bar/restaurants for wings and beer. Everyone was tired after that and we all went right to bed after dinner. I wish we would have had more time to hang out but fingers crossed that she gets the job!! :)

Some of our college days...

Sarah and I match! "Pre-gaming" at her house before hitting the town!
One of my favorite memories from college...boating on the lake!
I also found these oldie but goodies while searching for pictures of Sarah and of Collin's first trips to my college when we first started dating :)
No, that is NOT my hand between his's his own hand! ha!

I hope everyone is having a great week!!

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