Monday, April 23, 2012

Coconut Oil is Magic

I've been cooking with coconut oil for a few months now. Apparently, it was one of the only oils that doesn't denature when heated...basically turning the oil "bad" and into trans fats. Sold.
Then I started reading more about it and it seems to be magical stuff. I now use it as a facial moisturizer, body moisturizer, under eye cream, cooking oil, and smoothie ingredient. As with the honey I use for face wash, use organic virgin unrefined coconut oil especially if you're going to use it on your face/body. My first jar of coconut oil that I bought for cooking is not organic, virgin, or unrefined but I don't use that on my skin and I don't plan to buy it again for cooking either.

The one I bought for my skin and face is Dr. Bronner's Organic Virgin Fair Trade Coconut Oil, I got it from Whole Foods.
Dr. Oz lists even more benefits of coconut oil like improvement of bone and dental health, a good fat for diabetics, and even being linked to weight loss! Gotta believe it now, Dr. Oz said so!

Regardless of those reasons, (which I only learned AFTER using it) I feel good about using coconut oil as a moisturizer because it is so pure, simple, and natural. I have also noticed that since strictly using honey as a face wash and coconut oil as my night-time moisturizer I have not had a single breakout...hope I don't jinx myself now!

I put a tablespoon into my protein smoothies whenever I make them to get the internal benefits. Zing! Just a warning, if you don't blend it well enough...ew, eating a chunk of coconut oil doesn't taste that great.

And apparently, it is also a great hair treatment but I have yet to try that. All that I know is you have to wash your hair twice to get it all out!

Andddddd. I also read that it can help sparse eyebrows get a little fuller. I can attest that it's true. I've been smearing it on my brows and they're looking a little fuller, score!

Try it!, I love it!! It smells good too!

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