Saturday, June 23, 2012

Blogless in Seattle

I've been seriously slacking on blogging and I'm oh so sorry...but I have some good reasons. I also missed father's day (via blog anyway...) BUT I did buy cute cards for all the dads in my dad, my brother, and my poppy (AND spent the weekend with all three)! So, Happy late Father's Day, I love you all!!

I've also been working random strange hours and it sucks! Tonight, though...after sleeping until 5pm... I went into work and was informed that they'd been trying to call me to let me know that I didn't need to come in tonight.'s going to be a loooong night now.

Two weekends ago we were back in PA for a wedding and family visiting time. This past weekend Collin was supposed to go back again for the T&B (the hunting/fishing club he was just invited to join) 100th anniversary party. He did...but I bought a last minute ticket and went too!! And I stayed until Wednesday night with my family. It was awesome! That post to follow!

I hope everyone is having a better weekend then me! :)

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