Sunday, June 3, 2012

Zippered Throw far

Ok...I become easily "obsessed" with hobbies, all sorts of hobbies...ask Collin. It's nothing new. But I think I'm truly obsessed with sewing and (tooting my own horn) I'm actually not too terrible at it (or maybe I just thought it was harder than it is...). Luckily, Joann's fabric store has so many employees because they should know me by name by now.

My sewing cheerleader!

Happy summer present to me!

"Sweet, a jungle gym!"

On Saturday I had the day off and I decided to tackle my zippered throw pillows. Yep, diving right into the zipper challenge.

My starting point...ahhhh

I decided to start with what I thought would be the most challenging pillow too: the 18x18 inch "patchwork" pillow (I don't know if it's actually patchwork...but I had to sew small pieces together so that's what I call it). Some of the pieces stretched and skewed a little and I realized that I worked it backwards so I thought it was going to be all messed up by the time I got the zipper in and the other sides sewn up but it turned out just fine! I was actually darn proud of myself!

A real, working zipper!
Finished product...front
and the back

I was super happy with the final I kept sewing. Pillows two and three were to follow.

Pillow 1 and 2, front

Pillow # three:

And the trio...I still have two more to finish...

Hope you like!

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