Monday, June 25, 2012

Jet Setter

As I mentioned, Collin and I headed back to PA for the second weekend in a row! Collin was invited to join a hunting/fishing club that his family has been a part of since he was little and they just happened to be having their 100th Anniversary party the month after he joined. Collin kept asking if I was sure I didn't want to go...between telling me he was searching for a stand-in for the group picture....ha! After looking at my work schedule, we realized that I could actually stay for a few days longer than Collin so I decided to go and then spend a few more days (and fathers day!) with my family.

I scheduled a spot on a shuttle that goes from the Springs to the Denver airport thinking that'd be better than falling asleep at the wheel after a 12 hour night shift. Well, it was better than falling asleep at the wheel but only by a small margin. It wasn't the small bus that I was expecting (or that they advertised on their website) but a van. A packed to the gills van at that. And I had a middle seat for 1.5 hours. Ugh. After arriving at the airport I had two flights before arriving home.

I was exhausted to say the least. Felt like a zombie actually...and looked like one too. The plan was to drive straight to Collin's mom's house but...again, the falling asleep at the wheel scenario came to I went home with mommy and daddy and they fed me (a hoagie) and put me to bed. Plus, I got to see little C before he left for the beach!

C told me he was going to walk me out...this is how he does that

After driving to Collin's, we had some (more) hoagies....haaaaaaaaallelujah, hoagie heaven! And then hung by his dad's pool with the new babies before we had to get ready for the party that night.

After cleaning up a bit Debbie took some pre-party pictures before we headed to the club.

I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked but we had a blast!!

Raw bar and ice carving
T&B club members

Ahh, yes. Heister wore a camo tux... talk of the party

Father and sons...all members now

And the Centennial IPA that one of the members home-brewed for the celebration:

It was sooo much fun. They did a great job of decorating and making it really special for all of the members and guests.
The next day we had a big italian feast for father's day and then had to pack up. I took Collin to the airport on my way down to my parents!

My mom and I had big plans for the next three days. Eat and antique! We accomplished both very well.  My brother even joined us for some antiquing/thrift shopping! We went all over and I scored these awesome salt and pepper shakers and a gorgeous table.

Of course the table wasn't going to fit in my suitcase but my parents have agreed to hold it for me until we move home.............whenever that may be.

Such a great time at home! But nice coming back to CO too!
I love our families...always a good time!

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