Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Home for the Weekend

This past weekend Collin and I travelled back to PA. We had a wedding to go to so it gave us a great reason to come home and see our families too. First stop was my parents house. I got to see my parents, grandparents, aunt and uncle, and my favorite little baby nephew!

Of course, it was all packed into a 24 hour time frame but it was worth it! My mom made venison tenderloin and a bunch of other yummy stuff and we sat out on the deck and enjoyed the beautiful weather. C showed me his big boy bike and how he rides his "motorcycle" which is one of my mom's couch cushions. He puts on his boots, helmet, "packpack" (all imaginary) and starts the motorcycle...he's so stinkin' cute!!

And then I ask him to smile for the camera....let's just say he's still working on it...

He cracks me up!!

He and 'daddy' morph into a transformer and try to attack me.

Here he is riding his motorcycle/couch cushion:

And then he had an accident and broke both of his "yeggs" nurse auntie Em had to fix him up.

Then we read...he loooves being read to and I could read to his cute little self all day!

Lala and C making breakfast for everybody.

Then we all went to visit my grandfather (Poppy) in the nursing home.

Me and my favorite little monkey

One of my favorite pictures...C holding Poppy's sweet

After visiting with Poppy we headed to Boehringer's, my favorite place to eat in the summer!

We had such a great time and I loved seeing my family and especially little C!

Next up, Collin's hometown. We took my dads huge truck so Collin was pretty happy about that! We went out to dinner at a cute little wine bar called Barrel 135 with his whoooole family + babies :)

After dinner we went out at a new bar down the street called the Brickyard. They knocked out an entire row house to make an alley, complete with strung lights and water features.  The bar is incorporated into the outside alley and it is really cute!

The next day we slept in/recovered from drinking too much the night before and finally pulled ourselves out of bed for my haircut and some Joe's hoagies for lunch (ahhh my favorite!!!!!) We spent the rest of the day at Collin's dad's house laying pool side before we had to get ready for the wedding that evening.
Some pics from the wedding:

Collin and his friend Jesse

New parents! Collin's brother Ryan and sister-in-law Jen

The ladies of the family...minus me, for now!

Alli and Connor

Most well-behaved man at the wedding!

Court and Connor

Collin and his friends with the groom

Alli and Lizzy

And of course I had to snap some pics of Evelyn before we left. Collin looks darn good with a baby in his arms...

Courty and little Evelyn

A lovely trip indeed. Made us both miss PA more than we realized!

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